Heather Endorses Luma Lisse
Heather has taken extensive measures and has gone through thorough and informative training to provide specialized "Natural Earthen Products," which are developed without using harsh chemicals or animal by products.

In addition, Luma Lisse offers specially formulated anti-aging properties, such as plant-based photo-peptides, vitamin C and rose extract. These products are very effective and will revitalize your skin with a new refreshing glow!

All products cater to: Dry, combination, anti aging,  as well as oily and acne prone skin. The acne-fighting products boast all-natural components, such as lemon grass, cucumber and peppermint.

*These products are non toxic & gentle to the skin, however powerful in achieving amazing results!

LUMA LISSE: Enhance and Protect Your Skin Naturally

Made with botanicals, Luma Lisse provides:

  • Products for a Variety of Skin Type & Needs
  • Scrubs & Cleansers
  • Masques & Toners
  • Specialty Treatments, Serums & Moisturizers