Information & Facts about Bikini & Brazilian Waxing:

What defines a Bikini Wax?

  • Anything that is on the outside of the Labia Majora, not past the Vulva opening.

What defines a Brazilian Wax?

  • Anything surrounding and or inside the Labia Minora, the Vulva, and the Anus.

Steps to a great Waxing Experience:

Prior to your arrival, you will need to have at least 12-14 days of hair growth in the bikini area. It is very important to use a sugar scrub or an exfoliator to gently scrub the area to prevent ingrown hairs, prior and after the appointment. Make sure to shower on the day of the service and feel free to use any lotions or crèmes on the area, as it will not affect my waxing techniques.

Hair needs to be approximately ¼ inch long for a clean wax and longer for coarser hair that has never been waxed. Over a period of time, the more you wax, the more refined the hair becomes. If your hair is longer than an inch, please pre-trim if possible. The shorter the hair, the less painful the pull is.

However, in the beginning it is crucial that the hair growth is long enough or the area will not wax smoothly and tweezing will have to be done in excess. Having too short of hair that requires an abundance of tweezing can result in an extra charge or unwanted stubble and hairs left behind.

I use a variety of relaxation techniques and lotions that help you to feel at ease. And I always honor your modesty as best as possible.

In addition, I provide every new client with step by step instruction of the after-care process for your newly waxed bikini area.

Skin lifting in the area is common in bikini and Brazilian Waxing, however I use a blend of lotions and topical oils and cornstarch powder to greatly reduce the chances of skin lifting and adhere to strict Nevada State Board regulations to prevent any cross contamination or infection.

In addition, Bruising can happen, but rarely and I have two specialized mineral products that can help with this and the bruises typically heal in a few short days. My goal during your wax session is not to have any adverse reactions occur!

Healing time is usually within 24 hours (I suggest: NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY OR TANNING), as the skin is fresh and sensitive, and the client may experience some temporary tenderness or burning in the area.

*I welcome you to come I and try my specialized waxing techniques, because YOU are worth it!